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This website was created to provide you with valuable resources for cord blood banking, storage and other vital information on the wonderful life-saving benefits of the umbilical cord. In recent years, cord blood storage...

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Types Of Stem Cells

There are two major types of stem cells according to source, namely embryonic and adult stem cells.  As the name implies, Embryonic stem cells are derived from human embryos and done under laboratory conditions....

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Stem Cell banking

Stem cell research and its potential applications are poised to revolutionize the landscape of medicine. However, stem cells are now considered a scarce resource. The growing need not only for research but also public...

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Why cord blood donation

Traditionally, the umbilical cord and placenta are mere discarded by-products of the childbirth process, but with the rapid developments in stem cell research and therapy, the cord blood obtainable from these can be considered...

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Adult Stem Cells

What You Don’t Know About Adult Stem Cells What Are Adult Stem Cells?             Adult stem cells are undifferentiated (a cell that has not yet developed into a specialized cell type) among differentiated cells...

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Cord Blood Saving Real Lives

Keegan Wendy Doheney’s son, Keegan, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of two, after which the disease went into remission until Keegan entered kindergarten. Fortunately, the umbilical cord blood stem cells of his...

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Why Cord Blood Banking?

There has been a lot of talk these days about cord blood, and parents have been looking for more information. They might know that it’s a beneficial idea in general for the health or wellbeing of their child, but ultimately, they need to know the answer to the question ‘why cord blood banking?’ What are the specific benefits, and the reasons to pursue this option at the time of your child’s birth? Use this guide to learn more about what it is, why cord blood banking is becoming more popular, and much more.

Cord blood banking is basically the extraction of blood directly from the baby’s umbilical cord after birth. This has to be done in relatively short order, typically within 10 minutes of the birth itself. The blood is extracted from the fetal end of the cord, and is taken specifically for the stem cells which are found there.

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Parents’ Guide to Embryonic Stem Cells

Stem cell research has remained a hot-button topic in the American media and political landscape for over 10 years. The crux of the debate is the morality of human embryos being created for the purpose of experimentation, although not all stem cell research involves human embryos.

Embryonic stem cells are inherently more scientifically and medically viable, as they have powerful characteristics most adult stem cells do not. Specifically, embryonic stem cells can develop into any other type of cell. They are ‘pluripotent.’ Adult stem cells tend to be limited to the various cell types of their originating tissue.